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Hello loyal fans of CHIKARA, gamers that love beat ‘em up style arcade classics and all of you wonderful spammers that inundate our inbox with comments to approve on our blog. We have a little blog here for you. We realize that we haven’t kept our promise to provide regular updates about Rudo Resurrection, but the fact is that the updates were more time consuming than we anticipated and they ended up being slightly disruptive to members of the team so early on in the process. We decided that we wanted them to use their time to work on the game and not have to prep marketing assets and write developer journals. Work on the game is moving forward even though we have hit our snags and technical issues, but we’re still forging ahead and hope to provide more information about when you might be able to get this game in your hands in the not-too-distant future. Now on to the stuff you really want to know.

Previously we had announced four of the CHIKARA stars that would be playable characters in Rudo Resurrection but we know you all clamored for more. So as a token of our appreciation for your patience, we have decided to give you a nearly complete roster of all of the characters that will be playable. We may have a few surprises up our sleeves and there may be some cameos here and there that we’ll reveal later, but here is the confirmed list:

So there you have it. Let the debate begin. Is your favorite CHIKARA star listed? If not, who would you like to see as a playable character? You never know, they might just show up in the game in another fashion. And we still haven’t listed all the enemies you’ll be fighting, but that’s an update for another day, folks. Before we wrap this up, we had one more surprise for you. We’d like to share some of the concept art of three of the playable characters. The 3D models of these characters were modeled based off of these concepts and they will look very similar to what you see here. We hope you enjoy them.

Fire Ant

Fire Ant Concept Art

Soldier Ant

Soldier Ant Concept Art

Green Ant

Green Ant Concept Art

Posted on December 27th, 2010 @ 6:29 pm
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